Gary Taxali

Designer,Illustrator:megumi kajiwara
Designer,book bind:Tatsuhiko Niijima

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Another A5 leaflet design for my father - quick, simple and a bit of fun.


The Whole Catch by Cameron Turnbull & Tom Walker / Béhance

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Orazio Riminaldi (1586–1631)
Icarus, detail


Orazio Riminaldi (1586–1631)

Icarus, detail

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I’m currently working on a freelance project for local web design company - ‘Media Orb’. They need some illustrations for their site including blog banners. They want a vintage, loosely Art Deco theme and so this cheerful flat vector style should suit. This is one of many to come.


Working on some motif designs. Lillies and buds.

Here’s another sister classic! Sorry about the naff recording -  WE NEED A MUSIC GENIUS TO COME AND HELP US RECORD! But the lyrics in this are beautiful - what do you think?

My dream flat? Soon to become a reality…

Makes me want to cry every time I hear it. So pathetic!

My sister, Jen, has been singing her entire life. She only just it made it onto youtube with a lot of persuasion. It was recorded in our front room with a terrible camera but if this goes well I may have to persuade her more and get her to a recording studio!

I know there are a lot of acoustic singers out there but Jen does seem to stir up an emotional response. We decided to call her style ‘Acoustic Heartbreak’ because, more often than not, the songs are somber and reflective of relationships and lessons learned about love.

What do you think?